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The Materials Research Society of India (MRSI), founded in 1989 by Prof. C.N.R. Rao, FRS is an interdisciplinary society dedicated to further the cause of Materials Science and Engineering in India. This society, which is currently presided by Dr. T. Ramasami, Secretary, DST, Govt. of India is committed to stimulate and integrate the research in the field of materials to cope with the rapid industrial progress in the country. Pursuant with this mission MRSI is designed to undertake indigenous research and development of a wide range of materials and its application with an aim to fulfill the following objectives :

     To promote active interactions among scientists, technologists, engineers and others engaged in basic or applied research, technology development and transfer, application and innovation in the field of materials for rapid industrial progress in the area under its fold.

     To encourage active interactions and cooperation between local laboratories and industries for applications of such materials in all areas such as agriculture, food, health, clothing, energy, water, housing and construction, communication, transport, service instruments and controls, consumer goods, sports, ecology, environment and safety and security.

     To encourage active interactions and cooperation with other local societies and organizations engaged in furtherance of materials research development and application.

     To disseminate knowledge on materials to local organizations, researchers, teachers and student communities through education, short-term training courses, workshops, seminars, symposia, local visits, lectures, publications and other suitable means.

     To provide reorganization of significant contribution of local young individuals in materials research and their applications.

     To provide a local professional forum for discussion of major issues related to materials and their industrial exploitation.

     To promote wide public interest in materials development and their potential using regional means, recourses and diversities and in formulation of policies and measures suitable for attracting investment in research and development in the fields of materials for regional self reliance, economic growth and development and prosperity.

     To take appropriate measures to mobilize local traditional intellectual and other recourses in all possible manners towards fulfillment of these objectives.

The Kolkata Chapter of MRSI, one of the oldest regional bodies, came into being in 90's to emphasize the implementation and fulfillment of the objectives of its parent organization in an around Kolkata and also greater parts of West Bengal which was once famous for hectic industrial activities and still has a wide spectrum of sectors like chemical industry, heavy engineering, machinery, transportation, energy, instrumentation, microelectronics, communications systems, bio engineering, defence, information technology, agriculture and construction and also houses numerous reputed R & D establishment laboratories, universities and institutes.

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